Call Me Loop’s new banger Self Love is the empowerment anthem we need

Call Me Loop is back with another infectious pop anthem.

On Self Love, the British singer-songwriter proclaims she has a “new lease of life” after letting go of a toxic relationship, singing: “Self love! Yes please, cos I can do it better than the other fellas ever said that they could.

“Self love! Oowee, cos when you try to hush my power, I just sing a little louder at you.”

It’s the empowerment anthem we need and deserve – listen below on Apple Music.

When we spoke to Call Me Loop (real name Georgia) earlier this year, she said she first noticed her gay fanbase with the release of her 2018 dance-pop bop, Give & Take. “I think it was just the lyric,” she told us.

I was getting DMs being like, ‘Oh my god, this is my boyfriend too.’ That’s when I started to have more of those kind of chats with people. I’ve had amazing support from the LGBTQ community in 2018.

“I think the majority of my fans at my show in November were gay. I’d love to play at G-A-Y.”

Read our full interview with Call Me Loop here.



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