Comedian Tom Allen had the best comeback to homophobic message


Tom Allen has shared a hilarious and inspiring message he sent when someone questioned his need to talk about his sexual identity.

As part of his comedy routines, Tom Allen mentions that he’s gay from time to time. However, one person took issue with this, messaging Tom on Facebook: “Dear Tom Allen.

“We are all well aware your [sic] gay. Please stop mentioning it every five minutes it’s 2019. We genuinely don’t care…”

In his response he wrote: “…But I have to! And every five minutes! It’s most disconcerting especially when I’m at a funeral and my timer goes off.”

Tom then took the message away from the funny side, and onto a more meaningful path. “I guess I talk about it because it’s part of my identity,” he wrote.

“And straight people get to talk about theirs ‘every five minutes’ at least – but you’d be exhausted if you messaged them too, I imagine.

“And since I was made to feel ashamed about it for most of my life (I’m still not over that now) and I get messages (every five to ten minutes) saying that it’s actually helped them by me being upfront about it I might just keep going.”

Reflecting on the current events happening in both the UK and abroad, he said: “And in a world where people are questioning whether children should be taught in schools that gay people even exist, and where parts of the world want to stone gay people to death, I wonder if it might be more important than ever for us all to talk positively about who we truly are.

And returning to his comedy roots, he added: “Must dash as my timer is about to go- oh- I’m gay!!! Yours, Tom Allen.”

At the time of writing, Tom’s post on Twitter has 6,000 retweets and over 56,000 likes. And on Instagram, the post has attracted over 13,000 likes.

Tom questioned in his post whether he responded correctly. And we can say, yes, he absolutely did.



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