Andi Mack makes history with first ever Disney character to say “I’m gay”

Disney just made history with its latest Andi Mack episode.

One of the show’s lead characters, Cyrus Goodman, became the first ever Disney character to say the words “I’m gay”.

On Friday’s episode (8 February), Cyrus revealed to his friend Jonah at his grandmother’s mourning service: “That’s gefilte fish – skip that – and I’m gay.”

After a few seconds, Jonah responds: “Yeah? Okay, cool.”

Before this, the character came out to his friend Buffy by admitting that he has a crush on Jonah, but he had never actually explicitly said he was gay, so this is undeniably a landmark moment for queer representation.

Joshua Rush – who plays Cyrus on the series – tweeted after: “Every day is a blessing working on this show. This milestone is just another stitch in a rich and vibrant tapestry that is Cyrus Goodman.”

Shortly after the episode aired, fans praised the scene on Twitter. Check out the best reactions below.



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