Listen to Zara Larsson’s new pop anthem Ruin My Life

Swedish pop princess Zara Larsson is back, and she’s brought a fantastic new pop bop with her.

Ruin My Life – which is available to download and stream now – is the lead single to be lifted from the star’s forthcoming third studio album.

“I’ve been there, when you’re coming out of a bad relationship and you just know this person is really bad for you, but you can’t help wanting to go back,” Zara told Popjustice of the story behind her new single.

“You’re like: ‘I know he’ll ruin my life, he’ll break my heart and I won’t be able to eat or sleep for three months, but I WANT IT NOW.’ I think everyone’s been there. Or after two drinks you can’t stop yourself sending the texts.

“But… I also argue against myself when it comes to songs. I’m very careful with things I say. And I don’t want people — young girls and women — to listen to the song and… Like, I don’t want to be a girl who promotes bad relationships. ‘Just go back to him, it’ll be fine.’

“I don’t want to do that. But I do also want to be an artist who can express something I’m feeling or that I’ve been through.”

Zara also revealed that she has been in the studio writing new songs with Charli XCX, and would like to include a duet with a female artist on her next album.

Ruin My Life follows Zara’s huge hits Lush Life, Ain’t My Fault, I Would Like, and her Clean Bandit collaboration Symphony.

Her second album So Good – released back in 2017 – is the second most-streamed by a female artist on Spotify ever.



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