Discover this classic show, told in a whole new way in a gender swapped COMPANY

Marianne Elliott directs this gender swapped production of COMPANY at London’s Gielgud Theatre, I’ll drink to that.

Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s legendary musical comedy about life, love and marriage has been re-imagined to swap all the characters’ genders. The story retains its musical comedy heart whilst finding a new perspective in this modern adaptation with Marianne Elliot(Angels In America, Curious Incident & War Horse) at the wheel. Rosalie Craig will take on the role of Bobbie as she celebrates her 35th birthday party with all her coupled friends, who are wondering why isn’t she married? Why can’t she find the right man and Why can’t she settle down and have a family?

Jonathan Bailey will play Jamie (originally written as the female character, Amy) and Alex Gaumond will play his devoted fiancée – Paul. Stephen Sondheim and Marianne Elliott have been working closely together on the script and have re-imagined these two characters as a gay couple for the very first time. Director Marianne Elliott said: I could not be more thrilled that Stephen Sondheim agreed to turn Amy into Jamie. I hope it makes this production feel very, very now. We are keeping the existing dialogue, and not changing the famous scene in which the character gets cold feet about their impending marriage and sings the iconic “I’m not getting married today.’  The characters of Jamie and Paul feel like a lot of the contemporary gay male friends I know.’

The production also stars Broadway legend Patti LuPone and Comedy favourite Mel Giedroyc. The production will include all of Stephen Sondheim’s award winning songs including Company, You Could Drive a Person Crazy, The Ladies Who Lunch, Side by Side and the iconic Being Alive.

To listen to the original Broadway cast soundtrack click below and to buy tickets for COMPANY, click here.



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