Laverne Cox might be working on a trans character for a comic-book movie


The Orange is the New Black star was speaking on a Variety panel when she made the comments.

Speaking on a panel with other transgender people in the acting industry, Laverne Cox has revealed that she might be working on a trans character for a comic-book superhero movie.

One of the questions asked to the group was why there hadn’t been a transgender character in a comic-book movie. Responding to the question, Cox responded saying: “I’m working on it.”

She then added: “We’re all ready to be the next superhero, so call our representatives.”

Trace Lysette, who stars in Transparent also added: “Maybe it’s a squad.”

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Elsewhere on the panel, the group addressed the controversy that arose when it was announced that Scarlett Johansson would be playing a trans male in Rub & Tug.

Responding to a question as to whether cis-gendered people should be banned from trans roles, Cox responded by saying: “I think if all things were equal, then everyone should be able to play every character.

“But all things are not equal. As an artist, I don’t ever want someone telling me that I shouldn’t play something.”

Meanwhile, Jen Richards, who played Allyson Del Lago in Nashville, spoke of the danger that it could do to the trans community, saying: “Every time a casting director chooses a cis person to play a trans part, they’re reinforcing one of two notions.

“If they cast a cis woman, they’re ultimately saying a trans man is a kind of woman. If they cast a cis man, they are saying a trans woman is a kind of man.

“And those are dangerous consequences that we’re talking about.

“It reinforces the notion that we’re duplicitous, that we’re a threat. That trans women are really men in good hair and makeup, that trans men either don’t exist or are just butch women in a suit.”



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