A cartoon about baby drag queens is coming, and it’s going to star RuPaul

YouTube / WOWPresents

Drag Tots is set to premiere on Wow Presents on June 28.

Not got enough drag in your life? Terrified at the state of the world order? Well hennies, does Wow Presents have the show for you. Premiering next month is Drag Tots, a show that features baby drag queens.

The show will star Bianca Del Rio, Adore Delano, Latrice Royale, Valentina and Detox, alongside RuPaul. And Mama Ru won’t just star in the show, she’s also producing it.

Also producing the show are Randy Barbato, Fenton Bailey and Tim Campbell from World of Wonder.

RuPaul will star as Corny the Unicorn, a magical talking unicorn head, and the other queens will be playing Dina Saur, Roxy Moron, Lady Liber T, Arugula and Donatella Mewhattodoo respectively.

In the show, the baby queens will be using their glitter powers to challenge the existing toxic masculinity culture.

An official synopsis for the show reads: “Baby drag queens attend grammar school in this new animated series for kids and grown-ups of all ages!

“Meet Dina Saur, a colorful drag tot whose aesthetic is inspired by dinosaurs; Roxy Moron, innocent, lovable and totally gullible; Arugala, a Puerto Rican provocateur with a taste for trouble; and Lady Liber “T”, an African American queen with a talent for putting haters in their place!

“With guidance from school mascot Corny the Unicorn, each episode features a different dragtastic adventure. From a visit to a wig farm to a journey to an alternate drag universe, school has never been so fierce!”

And in the trailer, an ominous voiceover says: “In a world on the brink of chaos. Where fear is the rule of land. The voices of a generation have banded together.”

After introducing the starring queens, the voiceover continues: “To give our planet what it needs… Baby Drag Queens.”

As the voiceover speaks, shots of natural weather phenomenon and Donald Trump are interspersed throughout.

You can watch the trailer below.



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