Azealia Banks: The ‘LGBT community are like the gay white KKK’


In a now deleted tweet the controversial rapper Azealia Banks allegedly compared the LGBT community to the white supremacist group the Ku Klux Klan.

The tweet, which was captured by the Metro, reads: “LGBT community (GGGG) are like the gay white KKK’s. Get them some pink hoods and unicorns and let them rally down rodeo drive.”


This created an immediate backlash from twitter users including Charlie Condou and Alison Newman.

Azealia decided to reply to the pair in a measured and polite manner…

She’s started starring out the word ‘faggot’, so that’s progress right?

Banks then goes on to say: “Are their [gay men] feelings more important than ours? Why do they deserve respect that they don’t give us? Alison Newman calmly replied saying: “Everyone’s feelings are the same. What’s your problem?”

Azealia finished by saying: “If I have to stop using derogatory language to refer to gay men. Then they must give me the same courtesy. Simple.”

She doesn’t seem to be too bothered by how this entire saga might affect her record sales… Or music piracy for that matter.

She also gave one user some tip-top advice for young women:

Banks then went on to talk about how funny the whole experience was:

Vicky Vox stepped in to try and see things from her side:

What do you think?




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