Way more lesbians got divorced last year compared to gay male couples

The Office of National Statistics have revealed new data surrounding same-sex divorces in England and Wales.

The new figures show that there were 112 divorces among same-sex couples in 2016, which is over five times more than the 22 instances in 2015. Keep in mind that same-sex marriage was only legalised in England and Wales in March 2014.

Of the 22 from 2015, 12 were female and 10 were male, indicating a pretty balanced ratio.

However, last year 78% of the 112 recorded divorces were between same-sex female couples, compared to 22% for same-sex male couples.

Unreasonable behaviour was the most common grounds for divorce among same-sex couples.

Nick Karvounis via Unsplash

It accounted for 96% of divorces among men and 93% of legal separations between women.

It is key to note that unreasonable behaviour would apply to having a sexual relationship with someone else.

As for the median duration of marriages between same-sex couples who legally separated in 2016, men stood at 4.6 years and women at 2.2 years.

These figures include marriages that took place abroad, and civil partnerships that were converted into marriages once it was legalised in England and Wales back in 2014.

Overall, divorces in England and Wales increased by 5.8% in 2016 compared to the figures collected in 2015.



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