“MEATliquor Queensway is like a glorious adult fun fair where you are left wanting nothing” – review

“It’s really freaking good.”

Oh you’re still here? Well then. MEATliquor newest creation on Queensway in West London is a near-perfect spot to head with your mates to well and truly blow off some steam. The new location from the founders Scott Collins and Yianni Papoutsis is, like their eight-plus other establishments, is a place to worship brilliant food, excellent booze and a very chilled attitude.

If you’re looking for lunch, an evening meal or something adventurous – Queensway MEATliquor and its cavernous halls has a highlight for everone.

When you rock up, and we hope you will, we cannot stress this enough, order the monkey fingers. These little gems of marinated chicken, battered and served with hot-pepper sauce and and blue cheese dip are ridiculously moreish and a signature dish at any MEATliquor. They are consistently perfect and in a way they almost don’t belong in mains section – these bad boys should be an extravagant side or possibly even an extra special starter so everyone can try them.

Other highlights on the menu are of course the dead hippie burger – two French’s Mustard-fried beef patties, Dead Hippie sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and minced white onions. Served with spicey green chilli cheese fries or buffalo fries dripping with sauce and you’re onto a winner. Our dining compatriots opted the towering – and ridiculously delicious – chicken parma burger, a fried chicken fillet with serrano ham, melted mozzarella and marinara sauce. If you’re a cheese fan you owe it to yourself to try this delicious demon of a burger.

Of course the liquor part of MEATliquor is excellent as well. We ordered a superb St Lawrence – Bulleit rye bourbon shaken with maple syrup, fresh lemon juice & a dash of bitters with an orange twist and some wicked MEATliquor twists on the Long Island Ice Tea.

There’s also an excellent selection of hard and soft shakes; always ask your server what they have hiding in the back, there are plenty of delicious options that might not appear printed in black and white.

On site you also have 12 glorious bowling lanes, refurbished and full competition size – an awesome pre-or post dinner challenge for any party size. There’s even lane side dining – so you don’t ever get taken out of the action – the menu is a slightly reduced set up to the main restaurant itself, but that’s just to keep your hands free for playing with your balls.

If bowling isn’t your thing, there’s an ice rink around the corner – yes you read that right, this MEATliquor is that huge. As well as casual skating and private lessons, it also offers ice karting, curling and a polar disco! Maybe best to get your time on the ice out of the way before you hit the drinks too hard though.

Finally – no gargantuan complex like this would be complete without an arcade filled with all manner of treats. Believe us when we say, MEATliquor Queensway is like a glorious adult fun fair where you are left wanting nothing. Kids step aside, the adults are here to drink, eat meat and bowl really, really badly.

And before we go, just one more time…

Order the MONKEY FINGERS – fun to eat and fun to say.

Click here for opening times, menus and more info on Queensway MEATliquour.



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