Cruise lines offer same-sex couples the chance to get married at sea for the first time ever

The first British same-sex couples are set to get married at sea in January 2018.

P&O announced today that they will become the first British cruise line to offer same-sex marriages.

The news comes following a Supreme Court hearing which legalised same-sex marriage in Bermuda, where most P&O ships are registered, after courts decided the ban violated human rights.

Cunard, the main sponsor of Southampton Pride this year, follow P&O’s decision to wed gay couples in November 2018. This comes four years after gay marriage was legalised in the UK in 2014, but marriage remains altogether forbidden at sea under UK law.

The captain of the ship will perform the ceremony for the first lucky couple aboard Azura, one of P&O’s Caribbean route ships.

Bookings are open now and of course, great new experiences are offered to people who want to officiate on board. P&O packages start from £1200, while luxury cruise line Cunard starts at £2117 on their world famous liners Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and £2570 on board Queen Mary 2.


Couples will be able to enjoy the luxury cruise ships, amongst a host of extras with their friends and family.

P&O’s Paul Ludlow commented: “Weddings at sea are very romantic and getting married by the Captain in the middle of the ocean is an unforgettable experience.”

Senior Vice President of Cunard Simon Palethorpe said: “We are delighted that we are now able to offer same-sex marriages at sea across our fleet. What finer background to a wedding than the world’s most iconic and glamorous ships.

“I am delighted that we have become one of the first British cruise lines to take a booking for a same-sex wedding. We look forward to welcoming this couple and many other couples too.”



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