LGBT+ people are furious over Pride in London’s new posters

“Being homophobic is sooo gay.”

Pride in London have been heavily criticised by the LGBT+ community for their advertising campaign for this year’s event by including some misjudged statements for everyday people.

Organisers asked the people of London to send in their LGBT+ stories from across the capital, which artists then transformed into a number of #LoveHappensHere posters.

While a fair majority recall sweet stories of gay, lesbian and bisexual couples finding each other in London and enjoying relationships with each other, a handful of statements completely miss the mark, and in some cases are even offensive.

In one poster, Tori from Leyton states: “Being homophobic is sooo gay”.

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While the intent behind the message may have been good natured, the use of the word “gay” as a pejorative is certainly something that shouldn’t be happening in 2017.

Most, if not all LGBT+ people have suffered growing up with the word being used as a playground slur, so it being used in that way as part of a Pride campaign is wholly unacceptable.

In another poster, Marv from Vauxhall says: “My gay friends make me more attractive by association.”

Again, the intent isn’t supposed to be mean spirited, but by objectifying a gay person as someone who can make a straight person look or feel better demeans the value of that friendship.

It almost suggests that gay people are only good for being an accessory that can score heterosexual people cosmopolitan credit.

As the posters made their way around social media, the response from the LGBT+ community was overwhelmingly negative.

Gay Times reached out to Pride in London for comment and organisers said they are “genuinely sorry” for the misjudged posters. Read their full statement here.

The Pride in London march will take place throughout the capital on 8 July.



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