When is the best time to search for Mr. Right?

© Sebastian Hesse via Flickr

For all the singletons out there looking for love, using gay dating apps can sometimes feel like a relentless exercise – one unwanted dick pic after another.

That was certainly the case for Made In Chelsea’s Ollie Locke, who felt slightly intimidated by them after he came out as gay.

To tackle this modern phenomenon without completely ignoring that, y’know, sometimes you do just want a hook-up, he got to work on a brand new app.

Chappy is the gay dating app that let’s you choose who to look for: Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now.

The premise is simple: Mr. Right wants to go for a drink and is likely looking for something more serious, while Mr. Right Now will almost certainly ask ‘what u into?’

“Choice is at the heart of Chappy, it’s why we created the Chappy Scale,” Ollie explained.

“Matching with someone that you know is looking for the same as you puts our users five steps ahead of the conversations they’re having on other platforms.”

So for those of you looking for that certain special someone in your life, when is the best time to look for him?

Chappy has revealed to Gay Times that on average, more Mr. Rights are online between Sunday and Thursday, whereas that ratio switches to Mr. Right Nows on Fridays and Saturdays.

That’s pretty much common sense, but it’s always good to confirm what is expected.

But Chappy report that overall on their platform they have more users searching for something more serious, than just a casual hook-up.

Men look for Mr. Right an average 261 days of the year, versus 104 days searching for Mr. Right Now.

So there you have it. Romance isn’t completely dead.

Singletons of the world, log on: your Prince Charming is out there to find – just keep your search to the weekdays for a better success rate…



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