Meet Lactatia: The 8-year-old drag queen Bianca Del Rio stans for – exclusive interview

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As the Werq The World tour rolled into Montreal, Canada last week, Bianca Del Rio met her match in 8-year-old drag queen Lactatia, who she invited on stage.

It was an incredible moment, and one that quickly went viral across social media, with Drag Race fans calling for the star of tomorrow to be lined up for Season 20.

After thousands of messages of support, and a new fan in Bianca herself, Gay Times caught up with Lactatia – the performance persona of Nemis – for her first ever drag interview!

How did you decide on your drag name Lactatia?

It was actually my older sister, Kashmyr, who came up with my name. Originally, I had something else in mind, but I liked Lactatia better.

How old were you when you first tried drag?

Probably around two. I started wearing my sister’s princess costumes, but I’ve been serious about drag since about seven.

Which song is your favorite to lip-sync to and why?

Jealous Of My Boogie! I like when the beat drops and I just like how RuPaul sings. It’s a fun song to vogue to.

As every queen knows when they go on Drag Race, it’s essential you know how to sew, so have you started to learn yet?

Yes! I’ve been creating my own clothes for awhile now.

What is it about drag that you enjoy so much?

I like the clothes and I like the wigs and flipping my hair. I like to perform in front of people – it’s my favourite thing to do.

How many wigs do you own?

I have five so far, and I’m getting another from Bianca Del Rio in the mail.

What’s been the coolest part of your video going viral?

Having people wanting to know me, and having people want to interview me. I want people to be inspired by me and not be afraid to be themselves.

Your mom has been so supportive of your drag ambitions, so how has she helped you create Lactacia?

She helps me do my make up and costumes and helps me get better at performing. My sister and dad do, too.

How did you feel when Bianca Del Rio invited you up on stage?

Extremely scared, but really confident.

What would you do if you got to meet your idol RuPaul?

I would probably tell her that she is my idol and has inspired me to be a drag queen.

And finally: who would you like to see win Drag Race this year?

 Shea Coulee!!



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