Liam Davis becomes first openly gay footballer to play at Wembley Stadium


The semi-professional player made history this past weekend.

Liam Davis became the first openly gay male footballer to walk out onto the pitch at the new Wembley Stadium yesterday when he played for his club Cleethorpes Town in the FA Vase final.

Although his team lost 4-0 against South Shields, Liam and the club could walk away with their own little piece of LGBT+ history having been made following the match.

“I’ve been out since I was an 18-year-old so it’s nothing new,” Liam told the i ahead of the match.

“I’ve been out a lot longer than people think, it has never really been something I’ve had to discuss with team-mates, even when I was at Gainsborough – everybody knew but I didn’t know everybody knew.

“It got spoken about on a team night out but that was about it.”

He added: “There hasn’t been any negatives from my point of view. At the club you’re at everybody will back you up. I’ve had a couple of comments from opposition players but they’ve been nipped in the bud, not big issues.

“It gets bigger and bigger the higher up you go. I can’t speak for someone playing in front of more fans but from my experience I’ve had no problems and don’t think I ever will do.”

It comes after FA boss Greg Clarke claimed that he thinks we’re still decades away from a professional footballer in the Premier League coming out as gay.

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