Mike Pence is greeted by a queer dance party as he moves into new residence

Twitter / Gage Skidmore via Flickr

The US Vice President was confronted by members of Washington DC’s LGBT+ community as he moved into his official residence earlier this week.

After throwing an almighty bash at his former home last month, Mike Pence was faced with yet more fabulous music and performances from campaigners.

The DC LGBTQ Welcoming Committee made sure they had their most most colourful flags out and plenty of Beyoncé playing for the event, which was organised in collaboration between #ResistJ20, #WERKforPeace and Powerful Resistance.

It’s the third time they have confronted the Vice President with their ‘Queer Dance Party’, so now it’s just getting rude that’s he’s not joined in at least once…

“What we’re doing is about demonstrating love in the face of fear,” Sarah Massey, one of the organisers, told NBC Out. “This administration is on a path of destruction.”

Sarah later added on Facebook: “This is what America looks like: Black, white, Asian, Muslim, immigrant, gay, bi, straight, Trans, queers, Burners, twins, moms, daughters, musicians, dancers.

“Creativity is the opposite of destruction. Love is the antidote to fear. Love yourself. Love each other. #resist We’re not going back in the closet, quite the contrary.”

Mike Pence recently refused to rule out plans to eventually sign the anti-LGBT+ ‘religious freedom’ executive order, despite saying that he supports Donald Trump’s decision to not roll back Barack Obama’s 2014 executive order which protects LGBT+ rights.



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