Plan your dream wedding in Malta with I Do Knot

Danny and Jay only visited Malta for the first time after exchanging a few emails with us for their potential wedding celebration in the Maltese Islands.

They fell in love with the islands from the minute they arrived and were overwhelmed with the variety of choice and settings we presented them with. They finally picked The Waterfall Gardens – previously a limestone quarry which has been beautifully transformed into a visitor center by day and a magical wedding venue by night.

During one of our business trips in Dublin, we met the couple again over an informal dinner to commence with some initial plans. Most of the big decisions, however, were taken when the couple decided to benefit of some Maltese sunshine and planned a quick trip to Malta last May.  During this visit, we scheduled a few vendor appointments and planned a tasting with the caterer to get a better idea of menu choices and food presentation. We also organised a pre-wedding photoshoot for them in order to break the ice with the photographer and feel more at ease on the day.

September finally arrived and we were so looking forward to this wedding. Everyone was bubbling with excitement especially since no one had a clue of where the wedding will be held. The venue proved to be a WOW factor and it was sheer pleasure to watch everyone’s reactions when they arrived. The setting is truly Maltese and totally different to something they could have in Ireland… Something that we stress so much about with our foreign couples!

Danny and Jay decided to stick to some stereotypical wedding traditions like getting ready separately with their parents and driving to the venue separately as well. Plus they added a few personal touches to the wedding like charity donations instead of wedding favours and walking down the aisle hand-in-hand with their mothers.

The day was a big celebration and there was such a festive buzz in the air. The party went on until 3am and it was one tough crowd to get off the dance floor! In fact, the party was to resume the following afternoon with more drinks and nibbles at a lounge bar in St. Julian’s, to which most of the guests showed up to continue the celebrations!

Writing in a testimonial they left us after their wedding, Danny and Jay said: “They were more than just wedding planners, we have no doubt that we will be friends for many years to come!”

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