5 steps to help decorate your new family home without the stress

Interior style advisor at Furniture Choice Rebecca Snowden talks us through her top five tips to help decorate your new family home without the stress.


Online retailer Furniture Choice found 78% of same-sex couples make style decisions in their home together. Making a decision in your home should always be a shared decision. Be sure to communicate opinions, thoughts and ideas on the direction you’d like your home to go. Get used to talking about what styles you both like and share inspirational looks you’ve seen online and in magazines.

Manage the stress.

Shopping for home interiors can be stressful, but it really doesn’t need to be. Make sure you shop around on both the high street and online. Many retailers will provide sample swatches, often for free, take advantage of these and create a mood board to help you decide on what works for the both of you.

Avoid arguments.

Avoid arguing over each other’s different tastes, and instead embrace them. A statement agreed by relationship psychologist Donna Dawson: “If one of you is a collector and the other is a minimalist, agree beforehand which rooms will display items and which rooms will be left more spacious.”


41% of same-sex couples share the space equally in the home, however, that leaves almost half (49%) of couples that don’t. For those battling for space, storage is a life saver and isn’t that expensive, either.

Enjoy the challenge.

Don’t forget that decorating your home should be an exciting prospect! There’s so many different styles and products to choose, you should — and maybe even your kids too —  enjoy the process of making your house a home. You’ve worked hard for it, now enjoy it!

Find more information at furniturechoice.co.uk.



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