Review: Tootoomoo, Crouch End

Sharing is caring – as the Care Bears once famously said, but nine times out of ten we’ll be the first to guard our plates with our lives.

Yes, much like Joey from Friends or your ex-boyfriend, we’re not the biggest fans of sharing our grub. So it was with slight trepidation that we decided to head off to Tootoomoo, the north London based restaurant and take-away group.

Now, one of the first things that can get any foodie worried is the use of the word ‘pan’ in front of anything. Pan-global, pan-asian, pan-european – much like the fall of the Roman Empire, if you spread yourself too thin things don’t always work out the way you want them too. Put simply, if you try and take on too much, your end result will be of a much lower standard – fortunately we can report that Tootoomoo doesn’t fall into this trap. The food, from its various backgrounds, is excellent and overwhelmingly enjoyable.

First off, let’s focus on the most important thing. Can you afford it? The answer to this is a resounding yes. If you’re expected to order multiple plates of various dishes, much like Pokemon you’re going to want to try and catch them all. ‘Tapasesque’ meals shouldn’t cost the earth, which is why Tootoomoo passes this test with flying colours.

From the expertly prepared california prawn sushi to the rather delectable soft shell crab maki, the folks at TTM know their stuff. If you’re going to be serving Asian cuisine the fish and shellfish staple better be up to scratch. But it’s the popcorn shrimp that stole it for us – served with a tasty spicy mayo, we practically inhaled two plates full.

Served alongside the seafood are a real strong set of curries ranging from the coconut and green curries of Thailand, all the way to the Rendang curries of Indonesia. The mini bowls of chicken, beef and prawns are certainly tasty, but some are perhaps lacking the same spice that their elder brothers can boast back at home.

Also featuring on the menu are a superb selection of cocktails, each inventively mixed and served with great relish. We heartily recommend the lychee martini and the effervescent elderflower – buyer beware though, these sweet and tangy cocktails are mighty strong and insanely moreish. We also doff our caps to any restaurant who serve sake both hot and cold, a pleasant and exceedingly enjoyable surprise.

But of course, as we’ve said previously, you can have the finest food in the world but if it’s served in an unpleasnt environment it won’t mean a darn thing. Tootoomoo’s Crouch End restaurant is both pleasing to the eye and enormously comfortable. With a stunning red section in the main dining room, drawing the eye into the centre of the room, and a cute little outside area too – it’s a gorgeous little dining space for the casual diner any day of the week. But if you prefer the comforts of your own home, well they do deliver to you know.

One of the most fantastic things about Asian cuisine – from Taiwan to Thailand – is if something tastes good, everyone should be able to try it and enjoy it. From fresh sushi, spicy curries, and crisp expertly fried tempura, the the table should always be full, the drinks should also be flowing and a smile should be on everyone’s faces. Even old curmudgeons like ourselves can learn to share food now and then.

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