Rory & Nick – gay birthright

We’re Rory and Nick.

A devoted couple who’ve been together for more than two years. Since our earliest conversations together, we’ve expressed our desire to become fathers, to fulfil the natural desire to pass on our genes and experience the joys of parenthood. We feel that time has arrived for us.

We believe, like heterosexual couples who face the pain of infertility, same-sex couples have the right to become parents. Unfortunately, the same opportunities aren’t afforded to gay couples as those for heterosexual or lesbian couples. UK law also fails to protect the intended parents, which has led us to look abroad.

We know we’re not the first gay couple to walk this path. Something we believe in is ethical and legitimate surrogacy. Anything else isn’t a valid basis under which to bring new life into this world. We’re not prepared to exploit surrogates and legal loopholes in developing nations.

The purpose of our gay birthright UK campaign is two fold. Firstly, we intend to raise awareness and open a debate regarding the laws surrounding surrogacy and bring parity in terms of availability of IVF and fertility treatment.

We understand this is a long-term challenge, so our intention is to begin this process now through the medium of gestational surrogacy overseas. As a gay couple, we’ve the same potential and intention to parent as any other couple, but the state does not support us in terms of treatment and law, so we’ve found a route to follow that will circumvent these inequalities.

The second intention of our gay birthright UK campaign is to seek donations to help us towards our goal. We’re far from millionaires, but we’re determined to make this a reality. We hope you can help us on this mission. n

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