Former American Idol contestant David Hernandez comes out as gay

© Adam Bouska

American Idol semi-finalist David Hernandez has come out with the help of a self-love anthem.

The singer, who appeared on season seven of the popular talent show, gained media attention when viewers found out about his stripper past, and now he’s opened up to Out magazine about his sexuality.

David explained that when details of his past emerged it was “hard to go online and not read something negative about myself” and that the drama hit him and his family hard.

He said: “My dad still knew nothing about my sexuality or my profession. So when it’s plastered all over CNN that’s not how somebody really wants to go down.”

David’s announcement about his sexuality comes as he releases his brand new single, Beautiful, and its accompanying music video which sees the singer confront his own negative self-image.


He said: “If you’re missing a leg, you’re still beautiful. If you’re overweight, you’re still beautiful. If you are 75 years old, you’re still beautiful. That’s why I wanted to share my own story as a gay man.”

The video features a cast of people of all races, ages, and sexualities loving themselves despite any so-called ‘flaws’ which make them different.

He added: “That’s why this song resonates with me. The lyrics are just so powerful. This is who I am, take it or leave it.”

You can watch the video below.

Beautiful is available to purchase on iTunes now.



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