ISIS execute another man they believe was ‘guilty’ of being gay

ISIS have executed another man after accusing him of being ‘guilty’ of “homosexual acts”.

A nine minute video, which has been called The Authority of Sharia, shows members of ISIS throwing a man off the roof of a tall building in front of a crowd of spectators in the province of Al-Jazeera in Northern Iraq.

According to the Daily Mail’s translation, ISIS claim in the video that the victim is ‘guilty’ of “corruption of thought” and “homosexual acts”, which is punishable by death under their interpretation of Islamic law.

In the video, several uniformed men can be seen surrounding the victim who is dressed in a blue shirt and perched on the edge of the roof. One of the men shoves him, and the man falls to his death.

An ISIS commander is also filmed telling the crowd of spectators, which consists of men and young boys, that homosexuality is “forbidden in the caliphate” and warns them against having gay sex.

It’s the latest in a string of public executions of alleged gay men by ISIS – in January, a 15-year-old boy was murdered after being caught “in the house of an ISIS leader” and accused of being gay.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimated earlier this year that the number of men murdered by ISIS for being gay had totalled 25.

Words Mark McDougall



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