The Pokémon GO 5K workout has been launched!


Virgin Active launches Pokérun, a 5K run along key London PokéStops, letting you catch em’ all while you workout, and become ‘the very best, that no one ever was…’

Those that love Jigglypuff but also want to lose their own ‘jiggly’ will be able to work up a sweat and boost their Pokémon numbers as Virgin Active hosts its first Pokémon GO inspired training run – based on the smart phone game that’s ‘caught us all’.

The guided run, which will be led by a qualified personal trainer (OR GYM LEADER. Oh god, sorry)  and will feature multiple PokéStops and Pokémon capture opportunities along its route.

At the moment London’s avid Pokémon Trainers have to steadily trek the city looking for PokéStops and Pokémon gyms scattered around the capital. Virgin Active will take them from a real gym to Pokémon gyms and back again, building both the users’ fitness and training Pokémon simultaneously.

A key section of the run, which will start and finish at Virgin Active’s Walbrook club, will take place alongside the river Thames, enabling members to capture water Pokémon. The distance also provides the perfect chance for trainers to hatch their 5K eggs!

The workout is designed to be more than just a run so while catching city-dwelling Pokémon, participants will be challenged with interval outdoor bodyweight training, turning Machops into buff Machamps. A tough work out including press ups, tricep dips and lunges will give wannabe Pokémon Masters the strength and stamina they need to achieve gains – whether it’s in a Pokémon or real-life gym.

The first run will take place on Wednesday 20th July, and non-members can apply for a slot by visiting the @VirginActiveUK Twitter page.



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