Michelle Visage – UK tour diary

Wow, just WOW.

As promised here’s my tour diary from my whirlwind UK and Ireland tour! Just as I’m packing my case to head to Des Moines, Iowa, nothing gives me greater pleasure than looking through the photos of the #EuroVisageTourage. Glasgow, London – twice! – Manchester and Dublin, you sure know how to do a girl right. I experienced SO much culture it’s a miracle I didn’t just implode. Or explode… We did a lot of fish and chips around good old Blighty and don’t get me started about the crêpes in Paris.

I had so much fun getting to meet you all, and spending time with you was so amazing. I lost count of the amount of boobs and bums I signed! You guys owe me a new Sharpie! I want to thank each and every one of the clubs who had me. I cannot recommend these venues enough and it warms my stone cold heart to see how much work all of you kids put into your drag, your drag nights, and also how you’ve taken our little show and have helped it to grow and flourish. Every club has their own special qualities that make each night super special, so if you get the opportunity to, get your asses to The Meth Lab at The Black Cap in Camden, Room Service at Miabella, Pop Curious in Manchester and Menergy in Glasgow.

I also want to commend the queens. I’m very aware of the cultural differences in drag around the world – I’ve been at this thing for a turn or two – and I was blown away by the drag talent I was gifted with seeing. You made me a happy drag mama and I couldn’t wait to run home and tell Ru.

It’s been my dream to get back to the UK and it was EVERYTHING I could have wished for and more. Let’s just say I won’t be gone for long… I mean, now that I have an Oyster card of my very own I have no excuse, right? Yes bitches, Visage uses the TUBE. Guess what else? I took part in a mutha effin pub quiz with my beautiful Gay Times boys at a cute pub in Hampstead and they made me cheat! Then they blamed it on sweet, innocent, ME! I know, right? As if…

PS? We lost…

So until next month my loves, hit me up on Twitter and come visit me at michellevisage.com XXX MV



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