Life’s a drag

My darlings, I’ve only just touched down back in the US and already I miss all of my UK Glitterazzi. I’m planning my next trip as we speak. So many exciting things in the pipeline for the Haus of Visage, and I can’t wait to share  all of these with you. I’d like to thank all of the clubs who booked me, and everyone who came out to support me, for making this one trip I’ll never forget! THANK YOU from the bottom of my little, black, heart. You can read my tour diary in the next issue of GT…

I can’t believe another season is done, can you?! It seems as soon as RuPaul’s Drag Race starts airing, it’s over! I seriously want to do it all year round. It needs to be on telly as much as TOWIE is.

Want me to tell you a secret? I’m super excited because we start shooting season seven of Drag Race within the next couple of weeks. I’m delighted because I get to see 14 brand new girls that I’ve never laid eyes on before – and dig my claws into them! Another way to get your fix is my brand new podcast with my bestie RuPaul. They’re available on iTunes, they’re free and they’re called What’s The Tee? – if you’ve ever wanted to be a fly on the wall while Ru and I have a regular old kiki then this is your opportunity. We talk about EVERYTHING AND MORE, no holds barred because, we’re literally just sitting there at Ru’s kitchen table sipping tea and spilling the T. 

But I’d better go and unpack my cases! Yes babies, this diva has to do all of her own laundry. As a matter of fact, here’s a little Visage Fun Fact: I LOVE doing laundry, it’s therapeutic for me. I love making dirty, smelly things transform into bright and clean smelling garments and I LOVE me a tumble dryer with dryer sheets! I need to stop talking about it, I’m getting too excited… Until next time, get me on Twitter,




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