This photo reveals what would happen if same-sex marriage was legalised in Australia

© Chris Cincotta, founder of Humans In Melbourne – Used with permission

“… Nobody would be effected except the two humans who are so in love.”

A photograph of two guys holding hands on a busy street has gone viral on Facebook, along with its rather poignant message about marriage equality in Australia.

Shot and shared on the Humans in Melbourne Facebook page, Chris Cincotta explained how he came to take the picture: “I was sitting in Centre Place when a couple who were clearly in love walked by.

“They were laughing with each other, holding hands and they looked like they were in their own little world. Which is exactly how love should be. I chased after them…

Chris went on to explain: “I asked the two gentleman to pose for me in this photo, to show what would happen to those around them if gay marriage was legalised in Australia… Nothing. Zip. Zero.

“Life would continue on exactly for everyone else as it does now and nobody would be effected except the two humans who are so in love.”

The photograph has been shared over 3,000 times and has received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from Facebook users.

This week Australia’s Prime Minister told Tasmanian radio station 7HO FM that he will be voting Yes in the upcoming plebiscite on marriage equality. While defending the costly process, Mr Turnbull commented: “I will be voting to legalise same-sex marriage, and I think the plebiscite will be carried. I think it will be a positive vote.”

To see all the reactions to the photograph, here’s the Facebook post for you.

Photo used with permission from Chris Cincotta, founder of Humans In Melbourne. For more excellent pictures head over to

Words Holly-Anna Valavanis



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