Sadiq Khan pledges to be “the Mayor for all LGBT+ Londoners”

The Labour candidate for Mayor of London promises to put forward LGBT-friendly policies…

Sadiq Khan has unveiled his plans to support LGBT+ Londoners as part of his bid to become London’s Mayor.

Ahead of a Mayoral hustings organised by Pride today, the MP for Tooting in South London unveiled his plans which include a zero tolerance of hate crime and homophobia, promoting and protecting London’s cultural assets, clubs and pubs and improving public health by tackling the rising levels of HIV and breaking down the stigma around mental ill health.

They Mayoral hopeful also promised to celebrate London’s rich and diverse communities “every single day I am in City Hall”.

“I stand shoulder to shoulder with London’s LGBT+ community. I know what it’s like to be different, growing up with a skin colour and practising a religion different to most other Londoners”, Sadiq Khan explained.

“But I don’t think it’s a weakness to be different – it’s actually a massive source of strength. And it’s this rich difference that I, as your Mayor, will celebrate every single day I am in City Hall.

“I’m determined to be a Mayor for all LGBT+ Londoners. My manifesto includes specific commitments on tackling hate crime, improved public health and protecting London’s rich and diverse gay heritage and venues”.

Pride in London will also be a focus for the Labour politician, with commitments to continue City Hall funding, to march at Pride, and to reintroduce the Pride Reception at City Hall which had been stopped in recent years.

Sadiq Khan is opposed by Conservative candidate Zac Goldsmith, Green Party candidate Siân Berry and Caroline Pidgeon the Liberal Democrat candidate The election takes place on 5 May.



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