Majority of young Christians in Britain support same-sex marriage


A new survey has found that the majority of Church of England, Anglican, and Episcopalian Christians under the age of 55 support same-sex marriage.

The survey of 6,276 people, conducted by YouGov, showed that overall 56% of British adults believe that same-sex marriage is right.

Respondents were asked to state their religion before sharing their views on marriage equality, with the results showing that 45% of Roman Catholics, Church of England, Anglican and Episcopalian Christians are in favour.

On the contrary, the majority of Evangelical Christians and Muslims believe that same-sex marriage is wrong, with just 14% of Muslims and 20% of Evangelical Christians believing it’s right.



As expected, the survey also found that younger generations are more likely to be in favour of marriage equality than older generations.

79% of respondents aged 18-24 believe that same-sex marriage is right, compared to just 36% of those aged 55 and over.





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