Switchboard send their poster to every GP surgery in the country

Over the past 12 months the national charity Switchboard have been working on a project to get their poster into every GP surgery in the country.

The leading LGBT+ helpline will be posting 10,000 posters to clinics to raise awareness of the support they can offer to members of the LGBT+ community and their friends and families.

Switchboard runs a national, confidential helpline and online instant message service which is staffed entirely by volunteers. “Offering calm words when you need them most.” is the tagline of the poster which also features the different ways people can contact Switchboard for advice on sexual health, sexuality, coming out and gender identity. Switchboard have also teamed up with Channel 4’s Dr Christian Jessen for the national GP programme, whose letter of support also accompanies the posters.

“I’m delighted to be helping Switchboard with this initiative.” Said Dr Jessen, “questions about sexuality and/or gender identity are often associated with teenagers, but it can affect people of all ages. I hope doctors display this poster in their waiting rooms so those in need can access the help they need.”

Dave Maher, a co-chair of Switchboard says: “At Switchboard we promote a positive attitude to being lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans. We’re confidential too and welcoming, supportive, non-judgmental.  All our volunteers are also committed to discussing safer sex to prevent the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.”

The charity has been offering support to the LGBT+ community for more than 40 years and high-profile patrons of the charity include Tom Daley and Mark Gatiss. The campaign has managed to get off the ground thanks to the support of global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright, who printed the all 10,000 posters free of charge.

If you’re in need of advice, support or just someone to talk to phone 0300 330 0630 or chat via instant messenger at switchboard.lgbt


Words Danielle Hutley



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