Ireland to end LGBT discrimination in schools and hospitals

Ireland is to amend an equality law exemption that currently allows LGBT discrimination in schools and hospitals.

Under the current law, discrimination against LGBT people is permitted in “religious, educational, or medical institutions […] in order to maintain the religious ethos of the institution.”

Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, the Minister of State for Equality, announced plans to push through a bill this week that will amend the exemptions of the Employment Equality Act.

He told News Talk: “Marriage equality was a wonderful achievement, and Ireland should be very proud of being the first country to bring in marriage equality by popular vote.

“But if you’re 13 years of age, and you’re just coming out and you’re nervous, marriage equality or rights might feel a very long way away.

“We still have issues of homophobia in Ireland – I don’t think we’re unique in that respect – but the things we’re doing even this week will go a long way to addressing that.”

Same-sex couples will legally be allowed to get married in Ireland from today, after May’s marriage equality referendum saw 62% of voters come out in favour of equal marriage rights.



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