Hungary bans same-sex Coca-Cola adverts as they are “detrimental” to the growth of children

Hungary took a line eerily similar to Russia’s ‘gay propaganda’ law.

Hungary has banned Coca-Cola adverts that featured same-sex couples, and fined the company 500,000 Hungarian Forint (£1,300). The adverts were banned for “the protection of children and minors.”

The adverts attracted controversy when they were unveiled. Boldog István an MP from the ruling right-wing party, Fidesz said: “Until they remove their provocative posters from Hungary, I will not consume their products!

“I’m asking everyone [to do the same],” he wrote in a post on Facebook. When people called him out over his bigotry, he left a comment asking them to “respect” his opinion.

In a letter sent to the reader of The Index the Consumer Protection Department said: “In view of its increased social interest, it has paid particular attention to the protection of children and minors, and to the restriction of advertisements harmful to them in order to protect their emotional and moral development.

“Public announcements are a great help in uncovering such advertisements, and we thank you again!”

A letter sent to Coca-Cola Hungary from the Consumer Protection Department ordered it to “cease advertising that is detrimental to the physical, mental, emotional and moral development of children and minors.”

The Advertising Act of Hungary says adverts “are forbidden that are capable of harming, or that are addressed to children and young persons, and have the capacity to impair the physical, intellectual, or moral development of children and young persons.”

Coca-Cola has confirmed that that it is considering its next steps in regard to the fine. In a statement, they told Hungarian news outlet 24: “Coca-Cola continues to believe that we are all equal regardless of nationality, religion, gender, age, ethnicity, spoken language, hobbies and opinions.

“The values ​​we represent are expressed in our advertisements, posts and messages.”



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