Over 210,000 people sign petition in defiance of South Korean gay Pride festival

“We do not want to see their abominable events in a square where we should be able to rest and relax.”

Over 210,000 people have signed a petition in defiance of the “abominable” upcoming pride festival in South Korea.

Seoul Queer Culture Festival is celebrating its 19th anniversary this year, and is due to take place this weekend in central Seoul. The main event will be at the Queer Parade on Saturday afternoon.

The petition started on 14 June on the website of President Moon Jae-in, and states: “We are not discriminating against sexual minorities, but Seoul Plaza belongs to all citizens”.

It adds: “We do not want to see their abominable events in a square where we should be able to rest and relax.

“Every year, queer-themed events such as street performances, drinking and smoking are called ‘cultural festivals’, but they are just occasions filled with illegal acts and hypocrisy.”

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“Homosexuals and normal people should not engage in such perverse and obscene events in a plaza that is meant to be a space for citizens to relax. True human rights are not indulgences.”

Last year during his presidential campaign, President Moon Jae-In was asked on his viewed towards homosexuality, and whether he supports furthering LGBT+ rights.

He said, “I do not like it” before adding that he had “no intention” of legalising same-sex marriage in South Korea.

While homosexuality isn’t illegal in South Korea, the country remains conservative with a large Christian following, and both same-sex marriage laws and anti-discrimination laws have struggled to pass through government.

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