Author: Richard Unwin

Making Porn is funny, raunchy and bittersweet – review

The Lost Musical Works a proper midsummer night’s scream – review

Dark Sublime is gay geek heaven – review

Closer To Heaven a triumph of immersion and world-building – review

S.Q.U.A.D. Goals is somehow less than the sum of its parts – review

This story of Prince Henry will warm your rainbow heart…

Boy Toy is glorious and graceful – review

Fanny & Stella is bursting at the seams with brilliance – review

Boom Bang-A-Bang is a laugh-a-minute triumph – review

Queereteria TV is queer escapism at its best – review

Goodbye Norma Jeane is a profusion of vamp and camp – review

Romance Romance is two great gay musicals for the price of one – review 

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