Author: Philip Baldwin

“I am now a happy, healthy and HIV-positive gay man!”

It’s saddening that gay men will unnecessarily endure suffering because of delays in making PrEP available

We need to push for full inclusion of LGBT people within our faith communities and schools

LGBT refugees are experiencing horrific abuse – there is still a massive amount of work to do

HIV Past and Present: The AIDS Quilt

Queer Virtue – ‘What can the LGBT experience teach everyone about Christianity?’

“To fight HIV effectively we must insist upon the removal of anti-LGBT legislation globally”

“Change is taking place rapidly within Church of England, something I’m pleased to see”

Shared Conversations – A different attitude to LGBT worshipers

‘It was 13 years since I’d left my school, and I was returning as a Stonewall Role Model’

“We need better access to treatment for gay men living with HIV and Hep C”

Philip Christopher Baldwin wants to change the Church from within

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