Author: Mikey Walsh

Don’t let envy get in the way of being supportive of your peers

The biggest hurdle in our lives is the dread we all carry within ourselves

Social media isn’t real life – put down your phone and take a breather

Mikey Walsh remembers his childhood hero Grotbags

The only way we can fix anything is by talking to people and listening to why they are angry

You’ve tweeted about the snap election, now you need to actually go and vote

Social media gets more full of shit every day – but we’re too addicted to stop

A late night thirsty Instagram post can never validate you like another person in your home can

Bad guys with bigoted opinions are the minority – not you

We can’t escape what’s happening right now, but left unchallenged, bad guys win

“We need to cut the crap as LGBT+ people and learn to support each other more”

“We need to take care of our nudes a little better”

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