Author: George Heal

The Pride flag will fly above Northern Ireland office in Stormont for Belfast Pride

Move over Tom Daley, there’s a new gay heartthrob in Olympic diving

Donald Trump’s approval ratings hit record low after the trans military ban

Trans models Loiza Lamers and Benjamin Melzer make history in naked PETA campaign

Move over Barbie, these Drag Race repaints are sickening

“Seriously? Right in front of my salad?” The viral NSFW gay porn scene that has everyone gagging

Haiti senators vote for ban on same-sex marriage and public demonstration of support

US Muslims are ‘more accepting of homosexuality than white evangelical Protestants’

The term ‘LGBT community’ can be problematic, new research suggests

Beaten up for being gay: Watch a shocking part of BBC’s new Gay Britannia documentary

Listen to Wrabel’s new song – an emotional response to the US trans military ban

India’s new gay matchmaker is arranging marriages for the LGBT+ community

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