Why London’s Montague Beach Bar is the city’s best-kept secret

“Pull up a deck chair, grab a piña colada and relax.”

Whether you’re a visiting out-of-towner, or a tried-and-tested Cockney-Dick-Van-Dyke-Lived-Here-All-Ma-Life-type local, it’s soon obvious that London’s a city that’s defined by its neighbourhoods.

Shoreditch, Dalston and Hackney are hipster/beard-central, Soho’s down, dirty and devilishly fun, while the likes of Mayfair, Marylebone and Bloomsbury are quintessentially regal, upper-class and, well, stuffy.

So it’s refreshing and more than a little bewildering to find a secret gem that challenges those preconceptions, and reminds you there’s a lot more to the city than meets the eye.

Case in point, the Montague Beach Bar – a secret, summer-tastic cove hidden away at the back of the decidedly swanky The Montague on the Gardens, in the extravagant haven of Bloomsbury.

Everything suggests your standard ye olde luxury boutique vibe from the exterior, and even the hotel’s interior – a Georgian townhouse stuffed full of vintage vibes, it boasts its own cigar terrace and refined decor.

Mosey on around the back of the hotel though, and you’re met with actual sand, actual jet skis, and summer vibes so sunny you’ll be slapping on the factor 60 before you know it.

Pull up a deck chair, grab a piña colada – served in a coconut, obviously – relax under the thatched beach-hut style roof, and wile the day/night away munching on gastro-grub whilst listening to some beach-y music.

If the mountain (beach) won’t come to Muhammad (perpetually grey-London), then etc etc.

The Montague Beach Bar is open until 24th September. Click here for more information.



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