Win Premium HOMMAGE ShaveCare kit worth £250!

Gay Times is teaming up with luxury grooming brand HOMMAGE to bring you the finest luxury grooming products just in time for Pride.

Where innovation meets heritage, HOMMAGE combines cutting-edge science with ergonomic and aesthetic design to provide a range of shavecare and skincare solutions that specifically address the grooming needs of the modern gentleman.

From the HOMMAGE​​ Styptic ​M​atchsticks which are tipped with a hemostatic agent to seal shaving nicks and cuts instantly to the HOMMAGE Damascene Razor which comes with the dizzying pricetag of £25,000. As much a work of art as a pinnacle of design, only two people on the planet are able to hand-forge the razor which is made of folded Damascus steel encased within a platinum sheath.

Inspired by the New York borough’s iconic skyline, what better prize than a razor whose design pays tribute to Manhattan: the very birthplace of Pride.​

To view the HOMMAGE range, visit the website here: http://www.hommage.com/ 

FIRST PRIZE: HOMMAGE Premium ShaveCare Kit 



  • Manhattan Razor & Leather Case
  • HOMMAGE Product & Razor Platform
  • Preshave Oil: Prime 20ml
  • Shave Cream: Perform 120ml
  • Aftershave Balm: Soothe 20ml
  • Styptic Matchbooks
  • Worth £250


    RUNNER-UP PRIZE: HOMMAGE Manhattan Razor 




  • Manhattan Razor & Leather Case
  • Worth £124

    Win Hommage ShaveCare kit worth £250!



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