So why do gay travellers like to visit Cape Town?


Cape Town – dubbed “Heaven at the bottom of Africa”, is Africa’s gay capital and a favoured international gay travel destination. This city, however, needs to understand why it is popular among especially gay travellers.

Created by Capetonian Chris Hattingh as part of his PhD thesis, the study is being run in collaboration with the city’s marketing arm, Cape Town Tourism. Targeting both local and international gay travellers, the study will determine what Cape Town’s important attributes are that attract gay travellers to choose Cape Town as their destination of choice, as well as to establish the motivational factors for holidaying.

Furthermore, the gay market if often regarded as a homogeneous market because those in the market share the same sexual orientation. This perception, however, is problematic. The reality is that the gay population mirror the rest of society in a wide variety of aspects and are as diverse in their occupations, employment status, incomes, ethnicity and general lifestyles as is the rest of society. The study will therefore attempt to develop a typology of gay travellers by segmenting the larger gay travel market into recognised sub-segments and will contribute to changing the perception that they gay travel market is homogenous.

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