This t-shirt brand turns you into a Greek god…

*Prays for Hercules*

Y’know that feeling when you wanna be chill and relaxed and just roll out in a cute t-shirt and some jeans, but your gym-honed shoulders/arms make your t-shirt look all weird¬†and feel uncomfortable (cue an entire day of adjusting the shoulders and feeling like a dumpster).

Or your love of food means your existing basics aren’t quite as flattering as they used to be (honey, no judgement, give us a pizza over leg day any day). Well, here’s your solution.

Morph is the brand trying to bridge the gap between you and your shitty fitting t-shirts.

By asking simple questions about your body type (slim, athletic, broad) and your height, they define your size with their Archetype sizing system and categorise you as a Greek god (a bonus if there ever was one).

Thus meaning the t-shirts fit better and flatter you better than any basic t-shirt – and they’re all organic cotton, a bonus for the bougie ones out there.

Basically this t-shirt will show off your physique better than ever before, so all that gym time isn’t waisted under your baggy-ass Primark tee. You’re welcome.

Visit the Morph website here to find out more.



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