From working man to werkin’ it! Remus Uomo has you covered

It’s a question we have all asked ourselves before: “Do I pack those sneakers in my bag or shall I just wear them to work?”

During summer this question is even more poignant because you know you have your morning meetings, then will be running around the office making sure your reports are up to date and finally, heading out with the boys for drinks before heading home!

We are tired for you!

There’s no need to carry anything extra, though. No need for an outfit change, extra shoes or to use the steamer you ordered and hid in the back of the office in case you wanted to go out after work.

Remus Uomo have you sorted and they’ve sent us a few bits to show you just how easy it is to look business and feel your Monaco fantasy!

Team these smart-casual kicks with a lightweight suit or a simple high-waisted trouser and open shirt and we can guarantee you’ll up the style game at your office.

Flat-toe sneaker, £75

A flatter toe calls for a little ankle so be sure to cuff your trousers and get a sock that pops.

Shirt, £59; Trousers, £69.95

Blue canvas and suede sneakers, £79.95


A chunkier shoe should always be seen with a tapered leg or tight ankle. It gives a punchy end to a beautifully streamlined look. Pin-fold the ends of your trousers to give this look a go.

Collarless Shirt, £45; Trousers, £69.95

Here are some extra bits from the brand that we think you might like to add to these looks.

Polo Shirt, £65 ; Red sweater, £65

Switch it up: It’s not imperative that you wear a shirt to the office, try a fitted polo shirt instead and embrace that smart-casual feel to the fullest.

“It is a known fact that in London Summer Time a man do carry a sweater!” Who are you kidding? It’s sunny and hot but the weather can easily turn and you want to be prepared for every occasion.

Add a pop of colour whether draped over your shoulders as the sun beams down, or worn full for those chilly moments with this red sweater.

Shorts, £59.95; Shirt, £55

For the rule-breakers: Every so often we like to shake it up a little. Try these bits out for size – but not all together unless you’re on holiday. Remember, you’re in the workplace.



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