The verdict is in! Gay men reveal if they prefer a man with a hairy or shaved chest…

©Instagram - @peachiz666

When Gay Times asked ‘To groom or not to groom?’ earlier this year, it sparked some debate on our social media channels.

It seems when it comes to a bloke having a bit of fuzz on his pecs, gay men either really love it, or can’t stand it at all.

Well, travel-dating site MissTravel.com decided to go out there and find the answer once and for all.

After speaking to over 4,000 people, they found that gay men actually prefer men with chest hair.

When asked if they prefer their partner to ‘manscape’ their chest, 58% said they’d prefer it bushy, compared to 42% who like it bare.

But what do the men themselves prefer to do?

Nearly 1,000 men were asked, with 46% of them saying that do shave their chest, compared to 54% who don’t.

The overall verdict? It looks like the bushier the better.

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