The great gym debate: are you a short shorts or a tights man?

It’s the question as old as time…

Are you gonna get your squat booty in a pair of cake hugging compression tights? Or are you gonna show off those thick thighs in a pair of short (basically not even shorts, more underwear style) shorts?

Luckily for you, we’ve tracked down the men that achieve both in spectacular fashion – and whether they’re deadlifting like a boss in a pair of shorties, or just showing off the goods in some fabulously tight tights, the only thing you have to decide is which side you’re on… Fashion-wise that is, hoe.


They say thick thighs make the… workout go better (roll with it), and these guys are showing you how do the perfect squat and how to style it out.

Let’s all just agree that there’s nothing better than a great pair of legs in a tiny pair of shorts, it’s pretty much factual.



What better way to show off those hard-earned glutes in what’s basically a second skin? Granted they’re not for all, but boy do they look good.



As we can see from this gentleman above, his, ermm, tights are a the perfect hybrid between the short and the legging – allowing you to expertly show off that gym honed booty and legs all in one.

What could be more ideal?




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