Summer prep: how to shave your chest

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Should you or shouldn’t you? If so, how? Oh, and some guys for inspiration…

With there being a higher chance of you whipping your shirt off in the next few months or venturing off on a holiday where you’ll most likely be in a speedo smaller than your everyday choice of underwear, it’s time to start thinking about your body hair.

Firstly there’s the issue of the amount. Maybe you’re a hairless creature of god and have just about no hair meaning that you don’t really have a choice either way.

If you’re at the other side of the spectrum and so hairy that you make mountain animals look like sphynx cats, then you might want to consider a bit of ‘manscaping’ for the summer (unless you’re into that then you do you, boo).

Firstly there’s the quickest and easiest option of a good old trim – somewhere between furry cub and skinned twink should just about do. Many of the body groomers on the market have precise length settings that allow you to be just how hairy you want to be, and some even have a vacuum to suck up your unwanted chest bush. How considerate.

The lack of contact with the skin will mean you’ll get a nice consistent finish without the dreaded fear of a shaving rash or breaking out in spots.


Of course, the other option for a spank-ably smooth, erm, chest is to use hair removal cream. You still have the risk of icky regrowth – and in-grown hairs are not the look this summer – but at least for a few days you will be slicker than *insert innuendo here*…

The other bonus to having a baby smooth chest is that for those of you who are gym queens/muscle Marys/gym bunnies, then the lack of hair will show off those rippling abs you’ve spent the last 11 years perfecting.

If you’re thinking of going for the good old razor, make sure you prep properly before to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. Get all wet and warm in the shower to open up your pores and use a new razor with plenty of shaving foam for a smooth shave.


*Select your fighter* ⏯

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