Are you team Fake It or Bake It? Here’s a guide to all your tanning needs


Fake it will you make it? Or bake till you’re golden?

Everybody loves a tan, whether it’s from laying on a beach in the Bahamas for a week straight (ideally) or straight out of the bottle, it helps to look less Morticia Addams and more… well, less dead.

Here’s our top picks and some tanned lads to help you make your decision..

thank u mother nature :')

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As much as we like the idea of laying by a pool in a barely there speedo, being handed Mojitos on the hour every hour by an oiled up man also in a speedo (roll with it), there are downsides to ‘baking’ in the sun.

But alas, your pasty ass has got to get out of the house sometime, so do it safely with a high SPF.

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GUESS WHOS BACK ???? || ???? @jarrodcarterphotography

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Faking it is definitely the way to go health-wise and when applied correctly can look perfectly natural, the only problem can be the smell.

No-one wants to smell like a pack of burnt biscuits (unless you’re into that) and say¬†sayonara to your white sheets, because they will be no more.

However it is a great quick fix for those of you that need a glow instantly.

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