5 incredibly fit guys show us their style in and out of the gym


It’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it…

How someone manages to live in the gym, maintain a social life, a job, dress well, keep fit etc. etc. is beyond us… but these are the guys that seem to be doing a pretty incredible job at it.

We stalked the Instagram of five guys to give you a glimpse into their style in and out of the gym..

Instagram – michaeldean2.0

@michaeldean2.0 – Michael Dean 

One look at the Instagram of model Michael Dean and it’s pretty clear that the guy is fit! Not in a way that makes you feel bad for eating an extra slice of cake, but in the way that is so unattainable for any normal human being that we can just admire from a distance (or through a screen as it were). His style is a mixture of casual form-fitting separates with a few tailored pieces thrown in.

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Instagram – jacobhankin

@Jacobhankin – Jacob Hankin

Whether he’s donning the catwalk for Dolce & Gabbana, Astrid Andersen or hanging around with his group of incredibly good looking model friends, Mr Hankin has cheekbones that could cut a bitch and great off-duty style, as expected from a male model. His fitness gear (he can never find his t-shirt, which we’re not complaining about) is always on point with bright pops of colour.

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Instagram – Simon_mathis

@simon_mathis – Simon Mathis

German Native Simon Mathis is no stranger to the lense, with constant updates on his fitness and style journey on his Instagram. His accompanying YouTube (if you can understand german) is full of workouts to get you started on your new years journey.

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Instagram – Chris_curtis_

@chris_curtis_ – Chris Curtis

By looking at super fit Chris’ Instagram, he seems to be only in two places, on his way to the gym or inside of it! However when you do catch him wearing something other than fitness gear, his style is a mix of dark denim and cool jackets.

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Instagram – BohmDog

@bohmdog – Zach B

It was virtually impossible to find a picture of Zach with any clothes on (again, no complaining) but his gym style is a combination of  retro short-shorts and cute printed vest tops. His taste in underwear is pretty on point too with a tiny pair of briefs always in reach!

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