French designer Men’s Underwear is all about comfort and unique styling

L’Homme Invisible is luxury designer brand for men’s underwear, swimwear and accessories. Launched in 1986, it soon became a  reference name in men’s underwear owing to its unique styling, luxury fabrics and innovative cuts with minimum seams for perfect second skin feel.

In 2011 brand was bought by Sandeep Sahni to inject new energy, to perpetuate the brand’s unique know-how and the long French tradition of producing luxury goods of great quality.

Emphasis is always on a single detail either on the print or the colour, making every garment visually and graphically strong. The prints of l’Homme Invisible are unique and can be easily identified thanks to their originality.

The best fabrics are carefully handpicked from best manufacturers in Italy, France and Germany, for their softness, durability, design and uniqueness, and then are made in to finished product in small workshops in Portugal, where almost every piece is cut manually, and then assembled.

Each l‘Homme Invisible underwear has been obtained by shapes moulded on male body, seams are brought to strict minimum to give the best second skin feel. Fabrics so far used only for children wear, women’s lingerie are adapted to make masculine garments, opening a new world of comfort and sensuality to men.

The colour and unique prints define L‘Homme Invisible collections; the style is chic romantic, with inspirations drawn from art, culture and design world. Forms are minimalist focusing on colour and print to enhance the beauty of male anatomy.

Not  just art, design, L’Homme Invisible also derives its inspiration from  ever changing everyday life  to constantly update its design with innovation to suit with the life style of our clients.

We are lucky to be in Paris where creativity is the driving force in almost everything we do. The design, the art, the cultural combined with the most innate need of comfort, are the keys to our designs. 

L’Homme Invisible, today like yesterday, remains a passion for product and feel good spirit, and will continue to innovate for the comfort and elegance of men. 



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