Conservative MP Bob Stewart apologises for voting against same-sex marriage

Gay Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić had the best put down for homophobic minister

Brian Sims rules himself out of becoming the first openly gay US President

Brexit whistleblower Shahmir Sanni could sue No. 10 for outing him

Democrat Cory Booker takes Trump’s Secretary of State nominee to task for anti-LGBTQ views

Homophobic pastor comfortably beaten in Costa Rican presidential election

Eddie Izzard has been appointed to Labour’s governing body

Gay politician had the best response when he was accused of just “prancing around”

Brexit whistleblower in tears during press conference after being outed as gay by Downing Street

Downing Street accused of outing gay aide’s former boyfriend

Donald Trump has just banned most transgender people from serving in the military

T-shirts with “unqualified lesbian” printed on them have been launched in support of Cynthia Nixon

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