The 1975 have helped finance a new LGBTQ community centre for London

Poland unveil “unbreakable” LGBTQ rainbow after far-right attacks

SNP politician John Mason criticises pardoning of gay men, saying it’s like “apologising for Roman occupation”

Bisexual Democrat Katie Hill could unseat anti-LGBTQ lawmaker

The Queen’s new openly gay personal footman makes first official appearance

India’s largest psychiatric body declassifies homosexuality as a mental illness

Ted Cruz’s father goes on vile, homophobic rant in support of Republican candidate

Vancouver becomes the first Canadian city to ban gay ‘cure’ therapy

Here are the full list of winners from Barclays DIVA Awards

Sir Elton John calls on tech giants to help break down stigma surrounding HIV

Remembering all the trans individuals who have been killed in the US this year

Love wins again! Bermuda’s Supreme Court have effectively legalised equal marriage for a second time

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