Brandon Myers on his favourite body part, gay fans, and the homoeroticism of Bromans

“I have about 100 requests daily from the gay community, sliding into my DM’s trying to get lucky.” 

In our latest episode of 21QW, Brandon Myers sits down with Gay Times to discuss his favourite body part, his gay fans, and the homoeroticism of Bromans.

Last year, the 21-year-old made a huge impression on viewers with his appearance on the ITV2 reality show, which featured contestants competing against each other in several Ancient Rome-themed challenges.

In our interview, Brandon admits to being a good flirt, and that he was quite the charmer when he worked as a sales assistant. We don’t find that hard to believe, because whatever Brandon Myers is selling, WE BUYIN’.

He also revealed that he receives “100 requests daily from the gay community”, who he claims are “sliding” into his DM’s to get lucky. We swear, none of those came from this office. Well…

Anyway, tune in to 21QW with Brandon Meyers below, and if you like it, remember to hit subscribe on our YouTube!

Director & Videographer: Tom Alex Helm

Production & Styling: Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah

Grooming: Shamirah Sairally

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